Asian elephant cardamom mountains

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The video shows a herd of 12 elephants, some of them young, grazing and marching through Cambodia's largest forest sanctuary. There are believed to be about to elephants in the Cardamoms, and the same amount on the eastern side of Cambodia. It represents the largest population of the endangered Asian elephant therefore, and has been an important focal point for conservationists.

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The silhouette of the Cardamom Mountains appears in the provincial seal of Trat Province in Thailand. On the eastern slopes, cardamom and pepper are still grown commercially. This is also Cambodia's highest peak.

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All rights reserved. Baby Asian elephants, with their smaller legs, are more prone to serious injury than adults when they step into snares that hunters have set for other animals. But cameras triggered by motion sensors reveal that most of the baby elephants in the region have been injured, some fatally, by wire traps intended for other animals.

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The Cardamom Mountains Rain Forests [IM] ecoregion sits astride the Cardamom Mountains locally known as Kravanh and the Elephant Range locally known as Dom rei in southwestern Cambodia and extends slightly across the border into southeastern Thailand. It is separated from the nearest other rain forest by the vast, dry Khorat Plateau in central Thailand to the north and east and by the Gulf of Thailand in the west. The Cardamom Mountain rain forests are considered by some to be one of the most species-rich and intact natural habitats in the region, but they are also one of the least explored. It would not be surprising if this ecoregion, which contains the essential ingredients for speciation i.

The Cardamom Mountain region in Cambodia contains one of the last unfragmented rainforests in Southeast Asia. I recently visited the Cardamom Mountains on a 3-day trekking tour, which was arranged by Rickshaw Travel. It was not only an amazing wildlife experience, but I also felt immensely happy to be there as a tourist, knowing that my presence was contributing to something good.

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Spanning more than 4. Inhabited by a swathe of endangered wildlifethe expansive woodland is also home to about 25, people, many of whom are ethnic minorities. As with the rest of Cambodia, the area comes with a bitter recent history and was not so long ago one of the last strongholds for Khmer Rouge soldiers.

There are currently estimated to be between and wild elephants in Cambodia, with the main concentration located in the Cardamom Mountains in south-western Cambodia, and the eastern plains of Mondulkiri Province. FFI established the Cambodian Elephant Conservation Group in to ensure the survival of the Asian elephant in Cambodia by stabilising and increasing wild elephant populations throughout the country. The group brings together three different institutions so that government and non-governmental wildlife managers act together.

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Funding provided by FAO for this study allowed the first ever nationwide census of domesticated elephants in Cambodia. This is highly significant, and should be regarded as a benchmark for future monitoring of the country's domesticated elephant population. WPO officials from most provinces were contacted. Extended site visits were made to Mondulkiri, which has the largest elephant population in Cambodia.

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But as Cambodia has modernized, they have become increasingly vulnerable to illegal logging, hunting, forest clearing and land encroachment. Since helping to gain official protection for the forest inConservation International has helped the Cambodian government to develop the legal frameworks and the on-ground strategies needed for effective, long-term conservation of the area. We also work directly with the communities resident in and around the forest to develop livelihoods that allow them to benefit from the rich resources of the Cardamoms whilst encouraging their preservation for use by their children and grandchildren.

For the first time ever, a herd of wild elephants were caught on camera in the Southern Cardamoms of Cambodia. While elephant sightings by locals have been on the rise sincethis is the first time elephants have been caught on camera in this part of the country. Watch the video below.


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