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A cool breeze was blowing somewhere off to the west above the lush, surrounding hills of the valley. It was late afternoon, and warm, and someone watching from above might have seen the trim figure of a young girl moving rapidly as she hummed to herself in an expectant voice, moving around the front of the old house, moving toward the rendezvous with her sexy boyfriend and husband-to-be. Immediately, her tiny feet began to gain in tempo.

Please take this as the usual warnings about sex and violence, being over 18 and sane enough to distinguish between erotic fantasy and real life. So don't read this unless you are legal and sane enough not to act out a fantasy. Trish moaned and hugged her husband, Robert, to her hard, rubbery nipple.

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Imagine you wake up a little bloated, belly pressing into your pj bottoms just slightly. Getting dressed your shirt feels a little more snug than usual and your pants tighter. By noon your swollen and heavy, shirt riding up your bloated middle and struggling to stay stretched over your heavy gut.

Working at Ikea is not for the faint of heart. When Tamara first began five years ago on the loading docks, the sky-high towers of cardboard boxes used to fill her with dread. Bend over, lift with the thighs, cinch your abdominal muscles, feel your biceps burn.

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It all started as a silly joke. My girlfriend Jennifer and I had been invited to a hen weekend for a friend from work. Someone in the group decided to organise surprise gifts, everyone was to buy something suitably smutty and sexual to be presented to the bride to be during the evening.

William McCoy, sometimes known as Billy, rolled out of bed sometime after ten. It was a Friday in late summer and his contracting business was on auto-pilot for the time being. Probably listen to some podcasts or something.

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Vicki gasped for breath as the huge length of animal penis stretched and then began slowly sliding up inside her young cuntal channel — going in deeper and deeper until finally its pointed end smacked against her sensitive cervix. Again, she choked out a whimpering gasp, while the great beast who was mounting her from behind snarled out a low commanding growl of triumph, then began to animalistically hump and fuck up into her! The young wife's mind was a vortex of unheralded, emotional sensations! Her head vibrated with the erotically pounding blood racing through her brain, while her youthfully naked body that was bent in submission before the massive dog quivered and convulsed in the throes of unknown, sensuous agony.

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Inflation is the act of pumping or otherwise introducing pressurized air, gas or fluid into an enclosed space in order to expand and increase its volume and size. The act of growing larger as a result of being inflated is expansion. A sexual fetish or paraphilia for these subjects is inflatophilia.


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