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Hong Kong protesters know how they see themselves. After a young woman offering first aid was shot in the eye with a rubber bullet by the police, images of a woman wearing an eye patch, or with roses dripping blood over her eye, took hold. China also depicts the protesters as women—but not as brave or martyred ones.

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Hong Kong has a bewildering range of sex businesses offering services to suit all imaginable tastes: from the glitzy nightclubs of Tsim Sha Tsui East, through the saunas, karaoke lounges and one-woman brothels of Mong Kok, to the streets and short-time hotels of Sham Shui Po. Chinese-language sex magazines print reviews of individual prostitutes, and promote an ever-widening array of bizarre sexual practices. Even mainstream newspapers engage pimps as columnists.

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Prostitutes on the right trying to entice potential clients outside a bar in Hong Kong's Wan Chai district. Photo by "Amaury dR". These are the words used by a prostitute in an exclusive interview with VICE to describe regular client and former Merrill Lynch banker Rurik Jutting, who was arrested on the November 1 for the murder of two women in his Hong Kong flat and ruled mentally fit to stand trial last week.

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Sharing personal information brings people closer together. Verified by Psychology Today. Most widows want to return to partner lovemaking.

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Sharing personal information brings people closer together. Verified by Psychology Today. From attraction to action, sexual behavior takes many forms.

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At the station, I bought a Chinese-language magazine of politics, culture and ideas that I was advised to hide when I crossed the border out of what was then still a British colony into China. Hong Kongers at the time were endlessly curious about life across the border and, tugged by bonds of family, culture and in some case politics, saw their city as part of a bigger Chinese story. In a busy shopping district on Hong Kong Island, a big sign still juts out over the street advertising the location of Causeway Bay Books, an emporium of weighty political tomes and salacious potboilers about China and its leaders, many of them banned on the mainland.

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Image by Vivek Prakah via Getty Images. Western propaganda has a foothold on audiences around the world. Without basic fact-checking or even the pretence of unbiased rhetoric, mainstream media pounces on enemies of capital with ludicrous accusations. It also just so happens that Hong Kong is rallying, with the United States' fingerprints all over the unrest.

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However, it has been widely criticised due to its conservative stances on moral issues. In a heated debate between the group and its opponents, the group was mocked as being "moral terrorists" attempting to " Talibanize " the community. The group positions itself as "conservative" and defines itself as the vanguard of upholding traditional values against the "trends of radical libertarianism, feminism and extreme individualism" in modern society.

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