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Welcome to Bark After Darka series of hilarious but slightly unusual articles we post in the wee hours of the morning for you weirdos night owls. Not for the faint of heart, weak of stomach, or low of humor. Female dogs need not be offended if their mate falls asleep post-coitus.

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Bonobos have some unique social habits that make them highly fascinating to zoologists. One of these habits is the females' favorite pastime: sex with each other. Why is same-sex sexual behavior so important to these females?

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Getting Started The female dog normally comes on her first heat between the ages of nine and fifteen months. Attempting intercourse with her at this time is not recommended since these changes in her biochemistry are confusing enough without having you trying to do wierd things to her. I would strongly suggest waiting until her second heat if all appears normal.

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Started by Brex Board The Environment. Science News Features. Interviews Answers to Science Questions.

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A registered female Yorkshire terrier aged 3 years was diagnosed as intersex. Molecular and cytogenetic studies were carried out to determine whether chromosomal abnormalities were involved in the development of this condition. Analysis of the testicular tissue in the gonads and PCR amplification of three canine Y chromosome-specific DNA sequences from the genomic DNA of this animal indicated that the dog had a genetic complement with a Y chromosome.

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Even for dogs. A photo posted by allhuskys on Sep 21, at am PDT. Skip navigation!

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These are classics that will be spoken about in pub trips and on the internet for years to come, and so as disturbing as they may be, we must bring your attention to them. She explains that in their three years of marriage, he had never shown any sign of being interested in bestiality, but this changed when they moved into a permanent home last year. The woman noticed that every time she and her husband had sex, Molly the dog would always be in the room.

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When we think about dogs, the image of a cute, furry four-legged friend running around the house comes to our mind. It is exactly why people keep dogs. While these are the normal reasons why people pet dogs there are some people, who enjoy a human-dog sex relationship.

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Customer Service for Subscribers. As a professional dog trainer and dog aficionado, I have had the privilege of sharing my plus years on the planet with a multitude of dogs. When I think about adding a new family member, I give serious thought whether a female or a male dog would fit best in our home.

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April 25, pm Updated April 25, pm. An award-winning vet in Scotland has performed a sex swap on a confused Jack Russell Terrier born with both male and female sex organs. The complex surgical procedure involved removing her pseudo male sexual organ and forming a functional urethral opening where the female genitalia would normally be found. Read Next.


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