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Sexual harassment laws protect employees from unlawful sexual harassment on the basis of their gender or gender identity by employers, co-workers, customers or vendors of the employer. When this right is violated and people become the target of sexual harassment, the impact can be profound, often creating an abusive and intolerable work environment for victims. Our Los Angeles employment attorneys understand how devastating the impacts of sexual harassment can be and are committed to helping the victims:.

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Since firm owner Karl Gerber has handled more than 1, separate California employment cases with a high rate of success of all binding arbitration and jury trials he has first chaired. All employment cases for employees are taken on a contingency. We are only paid a fee when and if we win.

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When you go to a job or a job interview, you hope to be judged by the quality of your work, instead of your race, your gender, or another immutable factor. Unfortunately, some employers do judge workers based on aspects of their identity rather than their work. It may be possible to recover damages if you have been a victim of discrimination.

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Our law firm has consistently guided clients from problem to resolution on matters involving every aspect of the employment relationship. Employment law and HR problems fit hand-in-glove. We provide comprehensive counsel to our clients by joining the expertise of our skilled attorneys with our experienced HR personnel. We are honored to represent a wide spectrum of employers and employees ranging from large companies within the Coachella Valley to small businesses and individuals.

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California law defines sexual harassment as any unwanted conduct of a sexual nature, whether they are verbal advances or physical acts. Sexual advances, creating a hostile work environment that is blatantly sexual in nature, and sexual advances are some of the more common forms of sexual harassment amongst employers. First, employers in Indio are often required to create company policies regarding sexual conduct, which must be posted and visible to employees.

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Cases involving discrimination based on sex refer to a denial of civil rights, job opportunities, raise, employment or a demotion or other mistreatment based on the employee's gender. Sexual harassment on the other hand relates to behavior which is inappropriate or offensive by the employer, managers of the employer or even co-workers if employer knows about the behavior and does nothing to stop it. Generally this behavior needs to rise to a level that the employee or a reasonable person would find it offensive; however, it can be as much as lewd comments or inappropriate discussions of sexual nature.

As sexual harassment lawyers in California, we firmly believe that everyone deserves an equal right to feel comfortable at their place of employment. Anybody can be a victim of sexual harassment and it is not something that should be tolerated. Both males and females can be victims of this type of harassment, and both males and females can be the harassers.

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Indio, CA Attorney with 20 years experience. Indio, CA Attorney with 28 years experience. California Lawyer with 12 years experience. California Attorney with 13 years experience.

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Have you or a loved one suffered an adverse employment action by your Palm Springs California employer. We are employee rights attorneys that handle wrongful termination and employment matters throughout California and the Coachella Valley. We are a contingency based employee rights law firm that handles your entire Palm Springs wrongful termination matter without any costs to you.

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