Sexual orientation theory

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The sexual orientation theory asserts that a person's sexual preferences are immutable and should therefore be accepted by society, [1] as theorized by some developmental psychologists and advocated by many social advocates and partisans. On several occasions, The Advocatemagazine of LGBT pressure grouppublished information that "Polls repeatedly indicate that Americans who believe sexual orientation is either genetic or biological are much more likely to support gay and lesbian civil rights than those who believe it is determined primarily by environmental influences. As one of its major protagonist, 'gay' neuroscientist Simon LeVay put it: "The question of whether or not gayness is immutable is rather crucial in the political arena.

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I f you want to study sexual behavior, choose the fruit fly. If you want to study human sexuality, though, watch out. Just about every aspect of sexuality evokes powerful beliefs and prejudices, causing people to scrutinize research findings through the prisms of their own sexual behavior, their political and social ideologies, and wishful thinking.

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Many cultures perceive gender and sexual orientation as major defining characteristics of an individual. Psychologists also find gender and sexual orientation to be important and interesting aspects of human psychology, and they have developed theories to explain how these aspects shape our lives. Yet, gender and sexual orientation are characteristics not just of the individual but also of the culture; others perceive and act toward us depending on whether they believe we are male or female and gay or straight.

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Forgot your login information? Theories of Sexual Orientation. Edited by: Abbie E. Diamond, L.

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Lifelong sexual orientations can be traced to childhood preferences for sex-typical or sex-atypical activities and peers, suggests Daryl J. Bem, Cornell professor of psychology. And "gender-nonconforming" children, who prefer sex-atypical activities and peers, come to feel different from same-sex peers.

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He wrote this for InsideSources. It appeared at Newsday. But is it true that sexual orientation is determined at or before birth?

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Sexual orientation is an enduring pattern of romantic or sexual attraction or a combination of these to persons of the opposite sex or genderthe same sex or gender, or to both sexes or more than one gender. These attractions are generally subsumed under heterosexualityhomosexualityand bisexuality[1] [2] while asexuality the lack of sexual attraction to others is sometimes identified as the fourth category. These categories are aspects of the more nuanced nature of sexual identity and terminology.

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Gender identity and sexual orientation are often confused. As previously discussed, gender identity describes the gender s people consider themselves to be masculine, feminine, or transgendered. Sexual orientation refers to a person's pattern of attraction to other people including physical, emotional, sexual, and romantic attraction.

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Figure 1. Issues of sexual orientation have long fascinated scientists interested in determining what causes one individual to be heterosexual while another is homosexual. For many years, people believed that these differences arose because of different socialization and familial experiences.

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The following is a selection of relevant books and journal articles on equality issues around sexual orientation. Abrams, D. Manchester: Equality and Human Rights Commission.


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