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Chances are, however, the members of Vocal Infusion knew little about Dick Tracy, at least beyond what their parents — or more likely grandparents — had told them. The comic strip was created by cartoonist Chester Gould in during the Al Capone era, portraying Dick Tracy as an extraordinary crime -fighting detective who pioneered futuristic methods in his battle for law and order. Most of those have long ago been retired, with only Blondie surviving in wide circulation.

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Scientists claim to have miniaturized some of the essential components of a phone small enough for users to wear on their wrists. Portable wireless devices that double as voice-activated telephones have been on the horizon for years. They haven't materialized because key components have resisted miniaturization.

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As smartphones get bigger--consider the pocket-busting Motorola Droid X and tablet-phone hybrid Dell Streak --do they need a remote control of their own? Sony Ericsson thinks so. LiveView, which sports a x pixel OLED display, can be worn as an accessory while your phone stays safely tucked away in a pocket or bag.

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I can only remember seeing two movies in a theater with my family when I was a kid. I became obsessed with this movie. For Christmas that year, I asked for a lot of Dick Tracy stuff.

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These days, Tracy is still alive and well and battling the bad guys. But the idea of a cellular phone the size of a watch is no longer looking quite so futuristic. Moreover, all the components could be constructed on a single chip.

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I didn't care for everything in the film, including the anti-climatic ending, but when I run across it on television, I still watch and enjoy it and feel it is underrated. Dick Tracy the word "Dick" being a slang term at the time for "detective" first came to life in comic strip form from cartoonist Chester Gould in the pages of newspapers in October They brought it to Michael Eisner and Jeffrey Katzenberg, who were at Paramount, and pitched it as a series like James Bond with a new installment coming out every summer.

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Top definition. Dick Tracy unknown. Dick Tracy is a comic strip featuring Dick Tracy originally Plainclothes Tracya square-jawed, hard-hitting, fast-shooting, and intelligent police detective.

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Even in a holiday week, the Apple rumors continue--and todayit's that the company may produce a smart watch in the first half of next year. Yes, another techie watch, the bane of the technology industry nearly since the dawn of the microchip. Here's why I'm not betting on seeing an iWatch anytime soon:. It's called a cell phone.

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Dick Tracy is an American comic strip featuring Dick Tracy originally Plainclothes Tracy[2] a tough and intelligent police detective created by Chester Gould. Gould wrote and drew the strip until[3] and various artists and writers have continued it. Dick Tracy has also been the hero in a number of films, including Dick Tracy in which Warren Beatty played the lead in

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The series was produced from to by UPA. Tracy employed a series of cartoony subordinate flatfoots to fight crime each week, contacting them on his two-way wristwatch radio. A gag used in several shows was that if one of Tracy's detectives found themselves in sudden danger a bullet speeding towards them, falling off a cliff, etc.


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