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Thing about summer is, it just seems to make music sound better. Somehow, richer. When it's cold, you retreat inwards to enjoy music, whether that means thawing off using body heat at a gig or sliding your headphones on while sat on the bus as it, predictably, pisses it down raining outside.

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DJing Discussion Sickest verse in a rap song!! This area is for discussion about DJing in general. Please remember the community rules when posting and try to be polite and inclusive.

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It's a balmy early December day, and we're near the end of our six-hour visit at the metal legend's house. He's gesturing toward one song amid the countless iTunes playlists he's created on the days he has spent bedridden with crippling back pain. The track is titled "My Career Is Over.

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Alvin Kamara knew it was time to go. He spent this muggy Atlanta day entertaining spectators at his friend Quavo's star-studded flag football game"Huncho Day of the NAWF," by scoring the first touchdown and penning as many autographs as he could. Once the game ended, and Julio Jones was named most valuable player, Kamara walked inside the locker room and ghosted out the back door. Chasing Kamara around in his hometown is as difficult as a linebacker attempting to tackle him on any given Sunday.

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After a showcase, Clive Davis reportedly told the band"Wow. The band's fifth album is especially fascinating, as Ruins inject snippets of vocal melody, droning doom, punk tempos, and meticulous Crimson-esque prog into their rapidly morphing songs. But maybe that just makes Ruins more prog than prog.

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Holidays are natural reminders of the past. We wear, for one wild night, the wigs and feathers and furs of strange creatures, monsters and myths we love to imagine or are afraid of becoming. For young girls, whose identities are already restricted and policed, Halloween can be a revelation: a chance to become not something else but truly ourselves.

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Following 0. This website contains the CV of Anthony Graves along with various texts. Anthony Graves b.

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Do not mess with a Dromedary camel. Their mouths are adapted to eat whole pieces of prickly pear cactus, six-inch long needles and all. Watch this video by Camels and Friends if you don't believe me. A zoologist on reddit chimed in on how this is possible:.

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From grunge-metal ragers Vulcanite to mournful doom sludgers Lair — who have a brand new self-titled album out as of last week — and from bloodthirsty thrashers Murdersome to brutal hardcore mosh maniacs Genosha, this show has a ton of headbanging awesomeness to offer. This one gets our highest possible recommendation. Get down there and soothe your troubled soul with music.

They told me that ruling against me was a mistake and that they are taking measures both to not repeat the mistake and to improve the UI with my suggestions. They also offered me one year of premium as a gesture of good will. The timing was doubly unfortunate because it fell on my birthday, and stressing over theft is not how I wanted to spend the day.


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