Calcium deposit breast

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Breast calcifications are small clusters of calcium deposits that develop in breast tissue, most commonly in women over They are too small to feel, but can show up on a mammogram as small, bright, white spots. While calcifications are usually harmless, they can be a sign that a woman is at risk for developing breast cancer and needs more testing.

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Many women never have any symptoms they have breast cancer. They may not feel any different. They may also miss the telltale symptoms of breast cancer, like lumps or other changes in their breasts.

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Asian institute of Oncology and S. Road, Andheri West, Mumbai, India. Various patterns of calcifications occur in the breast; some benign, some malignant.

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Im 44yrs old living in the Northern Scottish Highlands. She told me its nothing to worry about but best to get it checked at the breast clinic. He thought it best to do a mammogram and ultrasound to be on the safe side. They did about 20, they had to try to get some calcifications.

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Of course, any time you hear that something is different on your mammogram results, you become concerned. As women age, they sometimes get tiny spots of calcium a mineral in their breast. Calcifications show up as tiny bright white spots.

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Calcium can accumulate in our bodies where it doesn't belong. Is too much calcium intake to blame? Calcium is the most plentiful mineral in the human body.

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Calcium deposits, or "calcifications" show up as bright dots on mammograms. Sometimes, they can be signs of breast cancer, but they're often harmless. Naturally, the words can cause some anxiety, and the SurvivorNet community asked us to clarify what they mean.

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Breast calcifications are calcium deposits within breast tissue. They appear as white spots or flecks on a mammogram. Breast calcifications are common on mammograms, and they're especially prevalent after age

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Breast calcifications are small deposits of calcium in the breast tissue. They often show up in mammograms and are most common in women over Breast calcifications are typically noncancerous, or benign.

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The basic functional unit in the breast is the lobule, also called the terminal ductal lobular unit TDLU. The TDLU consists of acini, that drain into the terminal duct. The terminal duct drains into larger ducts and finally into the main duct of the lobe or segmentthat drains into the nipple.


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