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When it comes to grooming, men have followed the lead of women in recent years, and opted for a hair free body. There is no shame in a man admitting to waxing or shaving these days, preferring a polished torso to a hairy chest. Nothing wrong with a bit of a tidy up but men stripping themselves of all masculinity completely seems a waste.

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Just like the super follicles that make these men so special, our love affair with hairy chests is ever-growing. Read more: 8 reasons why bearded men make the best partners. Who needs Ann Summers when you and your hairy man can play king and queen of the jungle any time you like?

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I suppose it was inevitable. Having exhausted — at least for now — the well of anguish about pubic and armpit hairthe world has moved on to the final taboo in male grooming: back hair. I beg to differ.

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Given that I come from a clan of hirsute Russian Jews, it is a particularly personal disappointment that my chest is bare, save the circum-areolar growth and few stray hairs in the center that continue sparsely toward my happy trail. Head hair, I have in droves—a shock of tufted auburn fro that any barber will tell you is the thickest around. And beard growth is no problem—a rabbinical brillo coat can appear on my face in a couple weeks flat; a couple months will render me a castaway shaman.

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Movember is an effort to increase awareness of health issues in men and encourages guys to receive life-saving screenings. According to the CDC, more than a third of men suffer from high blood pressure. Men live an average of five years less than women.

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Humans are not nearly as furry as our closest primate relatives, a fact that has puzzled evolutionary biologists for more than a century. One common theory for our relative hairlessness suggests that women long ago adopted a preference for less hairy guys as a way to avoid lice and other nasty bloodsuckers that might call a pelt home. But new research suggests that this so-called "ectoparasite avoidance hypothesis" may not explain the evolution of human hairlessness.

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Body hairor androgenic hairis the terminal hair that develops on the human body during and after puberty. It is differentiated from the head hair and less visible vellus hairwhich is much finer and lighter in color. The growth of androgenic hair is related to the level of androgens often referred to as male hormones and the density of androgen receptors in the dermal papillae.

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American women started shaving their armpits en masse in the s, after a perfect storm of sleeveless dresses and a barrage of advertisements by depilatory makers characterized underarm hair as ugly. Several recent online videos created by brands like Gillette have been presenting hair removal below the neck as a concern for average Joes. To play Bruno, a gay fashion reporter who favors hot pants, the formerly hirsute Sacha Baron Cohen endured repeated waxathons to get bare nearly everywhere. Now evidence from market research and academia suggests that more men are removing hair from their chests, armpits and groins than a few years ago.

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Men and women have some obvious differences for obvious reasons, normally related to reproduction and the gender roles that spawn from them. Why, for instance, do men grow beards? Why are they more likely to go bald?

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The question may at first seem overly critical and inconsequential, but very serious debates over body hair have been waged via social media over the past few years. In particular, many women have voiced their desire to challenge societal norms dictating that hair on a woman—excluding that on her head— negates femininity and beauty. New data from YouGov suggests that there is indeed a sizable disparity between how society views body hair on women versus men. However, when it comes to men, opinions are much less clear-cut.


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